This is the home page for the HTML::Template module and various related modules. Here you can find links to documentation, articles about the modules, plans for future development and information about joining the HTML::Template community.


HTML::Template Explained, Part One - an introduction to HTML::Template. This is a good place for you to start if you're new to the module. It originally appeared on PerlMonth in what was its final issue. Someday I should write the second part!

Using CGI::Application - an introduction to CGI::Application on CGI::Application is a great module by Jesse Erlbaum that includes support for HTML::Template. Highly recommended to all HTML::Template users!


HTML::Template - the base module provides access to templating services

HTML::Template::Expr - an extension adding simple expression and function support to the template syntax

HTML::Template::JIT - an experimental just-in-time compiler for HTML::Template that uses Inline::C to provide speedups of up to 10x

HTML::Pager - a module that uses HTML::Template to paginate large sets of data in HTML

IPC::SharedCache - a helper module for HTML::Template that allows HTML::Template to provide a cache in IPC shared memory.

CGI::Application - a module, written by Jesse Erlbaum, that allows CGI programs to be written as modules organized around the concept of run-modes.

CGI::Application::MailPage - a CGI::Application module that provides users with a highly-configurable "mail this page to a friend" application.


All the modules listed above are available on CPAN. You can get them from any CPAN mirror or using the module. Also, with the exception of CGI::Application you can find the modules on this SourceForge download page.


To join the HTML::Template mailing-list, visit this page:


The HTML::Template development project is hosted on SourceForge.

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